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All transactions are totally private. We do not share this information with anyone without your consent. For our registered customers, we provide complete MANAGED CARE with pharmacist counselling - completely private and confidential. More...
The ADV-CARE Advantage
ADV-CARE provides you with convenience that meets your expectations. Everything that you would expect from a pharmacy is available to you without leaving the comfort of your home. If you have a Canadian drug plan we will bill your insurer. All you pay is the deductible. We will ship your order to the address of your choice including travel destinations outside Canada. Also, we provide our prescription service to non-Canadian residents.
As a shopper, you are free to browse our catalogue of products. The categories include prescription (brand name and generic) and non-prescription, over the counter (OTC) medications, herbs and vitamins, medical aids and health or beauty products. You may search by description or by product name. Or, for your convenience, use our VIRTUAL PHARMACIST to answer your questions.
By filling out a short "user profile" you become a registered customer. When filling a prescription, and/or purchasing over the counter (OTC) products, your medical information will be used to help us keep you protected from drug interactions and inadvertent duplication or conflict. In such situations we will advise you and/or, with your permission, our pharmacist will consult with your doctor if needed. Also, registered customers may take advantage of frequent shopper discounts on non-prescription medication, easy re-ordering and filling or refilling prescriptions on the Internet.
Our prices are very competitive on more than 20,000 prescription and non-prescription items. Use our Drug Price to compare our prices with what you are paying now for the same product.
We will deliver to the address of your choice - including your holiday destinations outside Canada. You pay no shipping charges on regular orders of (CAD) $69.00 or more delivered in Canada. (Check shipping and handling charges)
We accept all major credit cards. Or, if you prefer, you may pay by E-cheque or International Money Order. On special rush orders we will deliver your order within 24-48 hours in Canada.
Managed Care
We also provide group benefit management designed to meet the challenges of cost containment of pharmacy benefits AT SOURCE, while maintaining the benefits value to the customer. For further information, please click here.
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